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Future Plan

Future plan of Action for which Assistance is required

STEPS Health centre at Srikalahasti , Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India.

This hospital will be constructed to extend health services to the slum people, rural people in Srikalahasti and surrounding villages.Construction of OP room, Examination room, Dressing room, Conference hall which cost about 50 lakhs (i.e. $82000)

Training Complex at Srikalahasti

It is proposed to construct training complex at Srikalahasti which cost (Including Land, Building with hostel facilities) around 90, 00,000 lakhs (i.e. $ 150000).This complex will be utilized to organize training programs for the community to promote heath awareness, training Community Health workers and ANMs.

Hospital on Wheels

A fully equipped Mobile Hospital to cater to the health requirements of the community living in slums and villages. Doctors and Para medical staff will be recruited and regular visits will be undertaken to the rural and targeted areas. This will enhance support to the people living in inaccessible areas. The total cost of the project is estimated around Rs 2000000 lakhs (i.e. $ 40000) approximately.

Health services

At present we are giving Filariasis health services only to limited people and area. But there are many people suffering with disease in chittoor district. We want to extend these services to more people and places.

Stopping all the child marriages

Prevention of Child Marriages by organizing awareness camps for parents to explain about disadvantages of child marriages. Preventing child marriages during festivals.

Legal literacy and knowledge of rights

Social empowerment of community and equipping them with life skills and enable them to participate in taking decisions which affect their life. Encouraging them to act as community group leaders to promote health.

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